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The Gospels’ Veiled Agenda

The legend of the Holy Grail has captured the imagination of millions of people for hundreds of years. It has been sought in the most unlikely places. But like all good mysteries, we only solve it when we look in the most obvious hiding place. The only thing we know for sure is that the grail is something to do with Jesus. So why not look for it it the books that tell us about Jesus- in the Gospels?

We miss a lot when we read the Gospels today. We don’t live in 1st Century Judea, we don’t speak their language and we don’t share their culture.

The Gospels are radical, political works, containing many coded messages. The code is based on an ancient literary technique known as Midrash. When we decode the Gospels we begin to understand Jesus’s true revolutionary agenda. It was the Holy Grail which gives us the key to his aspirations.

The failure of Jesus’s revolution came about, not with his crucifixion, but long before with the imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist. From this time forward Jesus and his disciples faced an uphill struggle. Their ultimate demise was inevitable, and Jesus knew this, as the narrative bears out.

Understanding the true nature of the Gospels does not diminish Christianity in any way. Indeed, it supports it. If you really want to know what Jesus was hoping to achieve, and if you would like to discover the true identity of the Holy Grail, read this book!

Reviews for the print edition of The Gospel’s Veiled Agenda:

While his speculations rest on scholarship, he wears it lightly, leading the reader in an easy style to his conclusions about the Grail. Jewish Chronicle

Excellent and convincing…Eternal Spirit

If you’re interested in another view on why you think Jesus wasn’t the Messiah with some interesting perspectives both religious and historic it is well worth a read….. Fascinating……engaging and exciting A very readable book which assumes no previous knowledge. Looks at the gospels through the eyes of Jews at the time to give some original insights including a plausible approach to the holy grail. Amazon Reader Reviews